You Spoke and We Listened— Consider Analytics is Here!

Understanding your job board’s traffic is essential to supporting your startups’ hiring efforts. You need to know who is visiting your portfolio company job board and how they’re interacting with companies and jobs. 

Navigating various tools and slicing and dicing this data isn’t easy, even with Google Analytics. That’s why today we’re introducing, Consider Analytics, a new feature that tracks and reports your job board’s performance, allowing you to optimize traffic to your companies and their open jobs.

Identify Companies and Jobs That Need a Boost in Engagement

Consider Analytics can show you how visitors are engaging with your companies and jobs, allowing you to see who is getting the most traffic and the least. With this knowledge, you may decide to move low traffic companies higher up on your job board list or promote their new roles on social media or email

Measure Your Website’s Ability to Drive Traffic to Your Job Board

If you know that your website gets strong traffic, but this isn’t reflected in the performance of your job board on Consider Analytics, then you might consider making some changes. Optimizing your website to increase the flow of traffic to your portfolio companies hiring can be as easy as adding a few more links. The secret lies in telling your website visitors exactly where to go in more than one place. Here are a few tricks: 

  1. If the link to your job board is hiding in the footer section of your website, add a “Jobs” or “Careers” button to the header. 
  2. Include a link to where each company’s roles are featured on the job board on your “Portfolio” or “Companies” page.

Leverage Insights into the Success of Your Marketing Efforts

If you’ve read our blog on How to Promote Your Job Board and tried out a few of our marketing tips for driving traffic, you can now measure the effectiveness of your efforts easily with Consider Analytics.

After implementing a promotional strategy, you can check back to see if there was an uptick in clicks on the companies and jobs you promoted. You can compare these results over time to identify what channels work best for your target audience. 

A Bird’s Eye View of What You’re Seeing in Consider Analytics 

To get familiarized with Consider Analytics, take a look at each section individually: Audience, Job Distribution, and Job Trends.

Under Audience, see how your audience is interacting with your job board.

Use this page to view the number of users, pageviews, sessions, company job board visits, and clicks over time.

You can also leverage insights into how people are engaging with a specific company’s job board. Use this dashboard to see which companies might need some support promoting their jobs.

Under Job Distribution, review every open job at every company in one place.

Get a high level view of the experience level of jobs featured on your job board.

Use this page to dive into jobs by region, company size, company, function, and skills.

Under Job Trends, measure a job’s lifetime from when the position is posted to when it’s filled. 

Use the Job trends page to see new, live, and closed jobs.


To get the most out of Consider Analytics, make sure you’re promoting your job board to drive traffic to it. The more traffic you drive, the more data you can leverage to make informed decisions about how to help your portfolio companies with hiring.

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