Search and Apply for Opportunities with a Startup from the TenOneTen Portfolio

We’re excited to share that we launched a job board for TenOneTen Ventures, a Los Angeles-based venture capital firm, focused on investing with startups that apply data and technology to disrupt existing industries, or create new ones. The board will give its portfolio companies more visibility in the job market and provide job seekers one place to find open roles with innovative startups in fast-growing industries. 

Find jobs in TenOneTen Portfolio Companies

Featured startups on the board include VeriSIM Life, a biotech startup building AI enabled biosimulation models, Crexi, a marketplace and tech platform that consolidates commercial real estate solutions, and Ordermark, one of the fastest-growing restaurant technology service providers in the mobile online ordering space.

What Does This Mean for the Venture Capital Firm and its Portfolio Companies?

TenOneTen can now host every job at every one of its portfolio companies on its website. The platform automatically includes and updates open positions from its startups websites or any other job posting site they might use. Additionally, the portfolio companies can use the firm’s network to promote their open positions, helping them to hire more rapidly and allowing TenOneTen to provide greater value to their investments.

What Does This Mean for Job Seekers?

TenOneTen Ventures is proud to invest in companies “shaping the future.” With this new job board, candidates have a simple way to find and get hired by these innovative, venture-backed companies. They can easily, yet granularly search to find roles and companies that meet specific criteria to ultimately find and apply for the right opportunity. Some examples based on detailed criteria include:

Unlike most job sites and platforms, Consider’s boards are created with the job seeker’s experience in mind. Its simple user interface makes it easy to find open opportunities that align with candidate preferences. Moreover, potential candidates can apply without any intermediaries.

Consider has also built a recruiting platform that helps tech companies hire quality, diverse talent. The AI driven platform sits on top of Slack to drive candidate referrals by automatically suggesting highly-rated, diverse talent from many sources. See how it works here.

Recommending top talent in your network to open jobs over Slack

If you’re interested in learning more about Consider’s VC job boards or recruiting platform, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with us here.

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