Introducing the Consider Talent Network

As the war for tech talent continues to put pressure on medium and small businesses, capturing high quality talent for your portfolio companies is a priority. In the face of wage inflation and a competitive field, connecting your network’s talent with your companies requires an end-to-end, seamless solution. 

Today, we are proud to introduce the Consider Talent Network where job seekers who visit your job board can signal interest in companies and opportunities, creating a talent pool for your companies to quickly fill open roles. 

Let Talent Express Interest, Naturally

The most common challenge in recruiting for your startup is that the best candidates are likely already employed. They aren’t actively looking for a new job and applying to one feels like a potential commitment (one they likely aren’t ready to make). 

Consider Talent Network allows members to express interest in an opportunity in one click, without applying. As a result, your companies can quickly follow up or catch their attention at a later time. Your network’s features remove the burden of an application process and the pressure to have a conversation. 

Capture Visitors’ Professional Background and Interests

When a high quality candidate visits one of your companies’ job postings, you need to know who they are and how to follow up. 

Every time a job seeker visits your Talent Network, their data is automatically captured and shared with the portfolio company hiring. If the candidate is open to it, they can stay in touch and get matched with open jobs they’re a potential fit for.

Build a Talent Community Unique to Your Portfolio 

The job opportunities with your portfolio companies are unique. Your companies aren’t looking for just any software engineer, they’re looking for a software engineer with an interest in working for a fast-growing, innovative company- someone who is up for a challenge, capable of wearing many hats, and eager to work closely with a smaller group of people. 

Consider Talent Network connects your companies with job seekers who have an affinity for your startups. You can choose to make your Talent Network open or invite-only, giving you and your companies greater control over your talent pool. 

Hire on Time, Every Time 

Your companies can’t afford to hire late. Scaling a team at the right pace is essential at the early stage to a company’s growth and success. 

Consider Talent Network helps your startups nurture talent on an ongoing basis, so when it’s time to fill a position, they aren’t starting from scratch. Here’s how:

  • People in your Talent Network are automatically matched to jobs as soon as they are posted. 
  • Portfolio companies are automatically notified about new talent members who are great fits for open roles.
  • Portfolio companies can easily filter through candidates that match specific qualifications or details.

Track and Measure Your Outreach

Keeping track of who is interested in which role at which portfolio company is time consuming, but essential to building a quality talent pipeline.

Consider Talent Network helps you keep track of candidates who you have reached out to and build a target list. That way, your companies can continue to nurture candidates and no one falls through the cracks.

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Consider Talent Network was built to empower your portfolio companies to hire quality talent, faster. As we continue to invest in the Consider Talent Network, our intention is to better equip more firms to help their companies win the war for talent.

To start attracting talent to your portfolio companies, reach out to learn more about the Consider Talent Network.

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