Introducing Tags for Talent Profiles

You can now easily annotate and search profiles in your talent pool by adding tags to talent profiles. 

When you hover over a tag, you can see when the tag was added and by whom. Only your workspace users can view the tags added to a profile. Note that tags are not yet part of projects, nor are they a part of shared projects.

User created tags for a talent profile.

Using tags

To add tags to a talent profile, visit your Talent Pool, click the “Add tags” button on any profile, type a tag name and hit enter. You can also search for an existing tag to add to a profile.

Create new or use an existing tag to add to a profile.

Using the filter set at the top of the talent list, you can find profiles tagged with specific tags. You can even filter the talent list by multiple tags at a time. 

Tags can be created and viewed by anyone in the workspace, unless your workspace is set up to restrict these activities based on user permission levels. Tags added to a profile can be removed by anyone.

Managing tags

A list of all tags created by all users can be found by visiting Settings > Tags. This section for managing tags is only available to the users who have permissions to create and manage tags. By clicking on a tag in the list, you can rename or delete the tag. For each tag, you will see the number of profiles tagged, and the name of the person who created that tag.

Manage tags created in your workspace.

When you delete a tag in the list of tags, the tag is removed from all the profiles it was added to. Similarly, if you rename a tag, all profiles tagged with it will now show the new name for the tag you renamed.

Restricting tags related activities

By default, your workspace is set to let all users create and view tags. As an Admin, if you would like to restrict tag viewing, renaming, and deleting in your workspace, please contact us at

We hope you will find tagging profiles useful. Let us know your feedback.

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