Explore Jobs with a Startup from Iluminar Ventures’ Portfolio

Iluminar Ventures, a fund supporting founders in Spanish-speaking Latin America, launched a Consider Job Board, showcasing all open jobs within its portfolio companies. 

The career page will allow job seekers to easily find and apply for opportunities, and Iluminar Ventures’ startups can reach a wider talent pool.

Leveraging their strong cross-border relationships, Iluminar brings portfolio companies access to top talent, fundraising support, mentorship, and legal and corporate alliances. They also partner closely with Gaingels, one of the most active venture investors in the world today focused on enabling diversity and inclusion in the global tech ecosystem.

Explore Featured Startups

Candidates have a simple way to find and apply for roles with the firm’s portfolio companies. Explore opportunities with startups like:

  • Pandas is a B2B platform that provides quality inventory from Asian manufacturers to the +10M local non-grocery retailers in LatAm. 
  • Menta is a B2B technological infrastructure that provides your own payment and financial services.
  • Albo is the leading Mexican challenger bank that helps you manage your money, bringing you an honest service that cares about you.
  • Reworth API connects financial institutions and merchants to receive actionable data and offer cashback to end customers via a fully-integrated API solution.
  • Neivor is the tech platform that smartly simplifies condos’ management, eases tasks, and reduces time.
  • Siglo is a wireless ISP for communities in urban Latin America, offering a faster, better, and easy-to-pay service.

Find and Apply for the Right Opportunity

Candidates can easily, yet granularly search to find roles and companies that meet specific criteria, like:

  • Search for open roles at a startup by size, like 10-100 employees.
  • Browse opportunities in specific sectors, such as Fintech companies, like Menta and Reworth API.
  • Search for roles with a company by stage, like at Seed.
  • Find specific positions by role and industry, like Engineer in Fintech.

More About Iluminar Ventures’ Job Board

Iluminar Ventures’ new job platform automatically includes and updates open positions from its startups websites or any other job posting site they might use. Additionally, the portfolio companies can use the firm’s network to promote their open positions, helping them to hire more rapidly and allowing the firm to provide greater value to their investments.

Unlike most job sites and platforms, Consider’s boards are created with the job seeker’s experience in mind. Its simple user interface makes it easy to find open opportunities that align with candidate preferences. Moreover, potential candidates can apply without any intermediaries.

If you’re interested in learning more about Consider’s VC job boards, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with us here.

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