Collaborate with Your Startups on Hiring for Key Roles

Introducing Consider Hiring Projects 

Helping your startups hire a strong founding team is the first step in setting the stage for successful growth. The reality is that many young companies do not know who, when, or how to hire. Instead of relying on traditional recruiting methods, they look to you to help them with placing these first key roles. 

Unfortunately, you can’t just spoon-feed great candidates. You need a way to easily leverage the best fit candidates from your entire network. Most importantly, you and your startup have to work together throughout the process. 

That’s why today we’re introducing Consider Hiring Projects, a new feature that enables VCs to share vetted talent recommendations with their portfolio companies, so they can make key hires faster, together. 

Easily Leverage Your Entire Network to Find Candidates

To help a startup hire for a new position, start by visiting your Consider workspace and creating a Project. 

You can save profiles to a project from LinkedIn, using the Consider Chrome Extension, and your Consider-powered Talent Network. Consider can even pull in profiles from the LinkedIn network of every member on your team, just ask us how.

That way, it’s easy to see every profile in your network that might be a match in one place. 

Curate Talent Lists from Your Network for Open Jobs

When you find people who might be a good fit for a role, you can save them to your Project, building a vetted list of potential candidates. 

Share Curated Talent with Your Startups

Once you’ve sourced a number of candidates and are ready to share a list with your startup, share the Project with a contact. 

Collaborate with Your Startups on Hiring

Next, your startup can start reviewing candidates and collaborating with you to refine it through their own Consider workspace. 

Using the Consider Chrome Extension, you can add additional profiles to the Project if you need more candidates.

When you or your startup is ready to start a conversation with a candidate, Consider will find the right emails for every person you’ve added. That way, you can reach out to candidates directly or start an automated, personalized email sequence to get a conversation started.

Leverage Insights with Project Analytics

Every Hiring Project you create is tracked under Projects Analytics. You can easily measure engagement with recommended talent (prospects) and the overall success of your projects. 

Dashboards pull in valuable data on project activity, like the status of prospects you have recommended and how many prospects have actually been contacted, so you know who you might need to follow up with. 

Read more about Project Analytics here.

Using Consider Hiring Projects, you can mentor your startup throughout the entire hiring journey, so they can successfully recruit the right person for the right role.

Ready to start collaborating on a Hiring Project with one of your startups? Visit your Consider Workspace and create a Project today.

If you have any questions, get in touch with us.

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