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Blue Horizon, an impact investor that invests in companies and businesses in the agricultural tech and food processing sector, launched a Consider Job Board, showcasing all open jobs with its portfolio companies. 

The career page will allow job seekers to easily find and apply for opportunities, and Blue Horizon’s startups can reach a wider talent pool.

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, Blue Horizon is accelerating the global transition towards a new sustainable food system. Blue Horizon invests in companies at the intersection of biology, technology and agriculture that disrupt unsustainable business models of the past and offer visionary solutions for tomorrow.

Explore Featured Startups

Candidates have a simple way to find and apply for roles with the firm’s portfolio companies. Explore opportunities with startups like:

  • Planted pioneers a novel biostructuring approach that combines protein structuring and biotechnology.
  • Tropic Bioscience uses cutting-edge gene editing techniques to develop healthier, hardier and more sustainable crop varieties that flourish even in the face of climate change so local growing communities can thrive and we can sustain the world’s food supply.
  • TIPA has developed revolutionary biodegradable packaging solutions for the food industry that degrade biologically in up to 180 days in industrial compost – compared to regular common plastic packages that degrade in dozen years.
  • Green Monday is the pioneer in Asia to launch a large-scale plant-based movement by advocating a flexitarian lifestyle. 
  • Finless Foods provides cellular-agriculture technologies to create accessible plant-based and cell-cultured seafood alternatives.
  • The Vurger Co. is a vegan food brand on a mission to revolutionize fast food forever through the power of plants.

Find and Apply for the Right Opportunity

Candidates can easily, yet granularly search to find roles and companies that meet specific criteria, like:

More About Blue Horizon’s Job Board

Blue Horizon’s new job platform automatically includes and updates open positions from its startups websites or any other job posting site they might use. Additionally, the portfolio companies can use the firm’s network to promote their open positions, helping them to hire more rapidly and allowing the firm to provide greater value to their investments.

Unlike most job sites and platforms, Consider’s boards are created with the job seeker’s experience in mind. Its simple user interface makes it easy to find open opportunities that align with candidate preferences. Moreover, potential candidates can apply without any intermediaries.

If you’re interested in learning more about Consider’s VC job boards, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with us here.

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