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OneRagtime, a venture capital fund that operates as a fund-as-a-platform across Europe, launched a Job Board, showcasing all open jobs with its portfolio companies. 

The career page will allow job seekers to easily find and apply for opportunities, and OneRagtime’s startups can reach a wider talent pool.

OneRagtime specializes in sourcing, financing and scaling of early-stage (pre-seed to Series A) French and pan-European start-ups. The firm has over 30 companies in its portfolio and invests tickets from 500k to 5m€.

Explore Featured Startups

 The startups in our portfolio are growing rapidly. Dynamic, they are daily looking for new profiles and talents to meet their objectives and challenges. From the marketing department to sales, developers or Ops, they are looking for atypical profiles who like challenges mixing innovation and technology. Candidates have a simple way to find and apply for roles with the firm’s portfolio companies. Explore opportunities with startups like:

  • Jellysmack, a global creator company that detects and develops the world’s most talented video creators.
  •, a tight-knit group of engineers, editors, and creatives that aims to create a new model for digital publishing.
  • MatchTune, a group of entrepreneurs, scientists and musicians that created Infinity: a technological innovation combining artificial intelligence with human intelligence, opening up new voices in the musical universe.
  • Avostart, a company that builds the future of legal services by coupling technology and a strong network of attorneys to provide affordable, immediate and personal support for anyone.
  • Homa Games, a mobile game publisher focusing on ultra casual games. The company has developed a full suite of tools to support the content creation and monetisation of those games by developers.
  • PhantomBuster, a company that developed a code free data extraction platform to access unstructured data on the web.
  • Choose, a marketplace providing a daily drop of screened brands that develop products that respect their community values.
  • Staycation, a company that developed a platform to allow hotels to build fully packaged experiences and add them in a weekly drop launched to a community of local travelers.

Find and Apply for the Right Opportunity

Candidates can easily, yet granualary search to find roles and companies that meet specific criteria, like:

Join OneRagTime’s Talent Network 

OneRagTime’s new job board also features its recently launched Talent Network. With Consider Talent Network, job seekers can easily signal interest in companies and opportunities, creating a talent pool for the firm’s companies to quickly fill open roles. 

As a member of the network, you can express interest in an opportunity or company listed in one click, without applying. That way, startups can nurture potential candidates on an ongoing basis and build a pipeline of quality talent.

Start signaling interest and get matched to open jobs by joining OneRagTime’s Talent Network here.

More About OneRagtime’s Job Board

OneRagtime’s new job platform automatically includes and updates open positions from its startups websites or any other job posting site they might use. Additionally, the portfolio companies can use the firm’s network to promote their open positions, helping them to hire more rapidly and allowing the firm to provide greater value to their investments.

Unlike most job sites and platforms, Consider’s boards are created with the job seeker’s experience in mind. Its simple user interface makes it easy to find open opportunities that align with candidate preferences. Moreover, potential candidates can apply without any intermediaries.

If you’re interested in learning more about Consider’s VC job boards, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with us here.

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