Automatic Suggestions for Top Diverse Candidates

We are announcing the launch of 2 new features to help you develop a pipeline of high-quality talent with diverse backgrounds. Diversity in your talent pool fosters new ideas, perspectives and experiences making your company and products stronger.

New! Automatic suggestions for top diverse candidates that match your sourcing projects

Visit your Consider sourcing projects to see Female, Latinx, Veteran and Black (Beta) candidate suggestions. These are the top candidates that match your hiring criteria for the job from around the web.

How to access:

  • Go to Project Suggestions Diversity
  • Select one of the filters at the top
  • Review candidates
  • Click Accept to add the candidate to the project
  • Accepted candidates are automatically exported to your ATS job if auto-export is enabled.

Top diverse candidates in Sourcing Projects

New! Advanced Search with new clauses for diversity

Search for top candidates with diverse backgrounds matching your specific job criteria using multiple search clauses. Open the Diversity clauses group and add any of the new search clauses to your query to look for candidates with a certain background.

  • Select clauses in “skills” or “career” to set up your candidate search.
  • From the Diversity group of clauses, add clauses like, “ a female“, " a veteran”, “... is Hispanic or Latinx” or “ Black”.

Diversity clauses in Advanced Search

With these new clauses, you can also search for candidates already in your ATS who match your diversity focus.

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