Assign Roles to Your Project Members, and Use Years of Experience Limits in Talent Search

We just shipped two new features to make your Consider Talent Sourcing Projects even smoother.

New! Assign roles to Approvers and Hiring Managers

To make referral requests over Slack and email more effective, you can now show the hiring manager’s name as the requester. We have also added an Approver role. Now, only Approvers receive requests to approve recommendations, instead of all members. Any member may still accept or reject candidates by opening the project in Consider.

In your Consider sourcing projects

  • Go to Project › Summary › Members
  • Assign the Hiring Manager and Approver roles to appropriate project members

Project member roles

New Search Feature! Specify the years of experience preferred in your talent sourcing projects

We heard your feedback and we have now introduced "Years of Experience" in Candidate Description. In your projects,

  • Go to Summary › Project details › Candidate description
  • Add the preferred minimum and maximum number of years of experience

Set years of experience in Consider Sourcing Projects

Similarly, over in Search, open the Career clauses group and add either one or both of the new search clauses to your query to look for candidates with certain number of years of work experience.

  • Select "...has at least X years of work experience"
  • Select "...has at most Y years of work experience"

Years of experience clauses in Advanced Search

Let us know what you think of these features!

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