A Few Recently Launched VC Job Boards

We’ve put together a list with some of our recently launched VC job boards. Each job board aggregates all open roles with the firm’s portfolio companies, giving the companies greater visibility in the job market and candidates one place to find open roles with venture-backed startups. 

The following firms are taking an extra step to drive top talent to their portfolio companies in 2022. 👏👏👏

SOSV, a global venture capital firm that operates early stage startup development programs through multistage investing

SOSV provides multi-stage investment to develop and scale its founders’ big ideas for positive change. The firm invests in 150 companies every year through category-leading startup development programs focused on revolutionary technology and cross-border markets, notably in Asia.

Notation Capital, a first-check venture fund based in Brooklyn, NY

Notation focuses on very early-stage technical teams, and looks for product-obsessed founders who want to create fundamentally new experiences for customers. Notation typically leads the first round of financing and often invests in companies as early as the idea stage. 

Playground Global, an early stage venture capital firm headquartered in Palo Alto, California

Playground is proud to invest in stellar founding teams with winning concepts in deep technology sectors, as well as game-changing enterprise products. Job seekers interested in engineering and science companies with emerging technologies can signal interest in companies and opportunities in one click.

77, a dedicated pre-seed investment fund for companies founded by graduates of MIT

The firm writes pre-seed SAFEs of $10K-$100K — complemented by $250K to $1M term-sheet-match funding for companies further down their start-up journey.

Surge, Sequoia Capital India’s rapid-scale up program for startups in India and Southeast Asia

Surge combines $1 million to $2 million of seed capital with company-building workshops, a global curriculum and support from a community of exceptional mentors and founders. The program’s goal is to supercharge early-stage startups and give founders an unfair advantage, right out of the gate.

Foothill Ventures, a technology-focused venture fund that invests in software, life science, and deep tech

While the firm makes pre-seed, seed, and A-round investments, it focuses on investing in seed stage startups that demonstrate technical differentiation, meaning that a core reason for their future success will be technical or product-level superiority.

Anthemis, a venture capital investor that cultivates change in the financial services ecosystem by investing in businesses within it

Anthemis’ belief is held in the ubiquity of finance, which means its portfolio of companies impact and operate with financial services at its core - not just within fintech and insurtech sectors - but also across healthcare, energy, property (and many more) sectors across both consumer and business target markets.

‍At One Ventures, a venture capital firm focused on investing in a world where humanity becomes a net positive to nature

At One Ventures backs companies with early-stage disruptive deep tech that has the potential to upend the unit economics of established industries while dramatically reducing their footprint on the planet, or pioneering industries that are actively regenerative.

Goodwater Capital, a Silicon Valley based venture capital firm, focused on consumer technology

Goodwater Capital believes consumer technology is revolutionizing the world. It’s proud to be devoted to entrepreneurs who are furiously building products and platforms that consumers love.

Panoramic Ventures, one of the largest tech venture funds headquartered in the Southeast

Panoramic is proud to partner with daring and bold founders who come from many backgrounds and many places with one thing in common— an unwavering belief that their impact on the world will be positive and lasting.

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