1517 Fund Launches New Portfolio Company Job Board

1517 Fund, a venture capital firm supporting tech startups led by dropouts, renegade students, and deep tech scientists with grant, pre-seed, and seed funding, launched a Consider Job Board, showcasing all open jobs with its portfolio companies.

The career page will allow job seekers to easily find and apply for opportunities, and 1517 Fund’s startups can reach a wider talent pool.

1517 focuses on founders interested in working outside tracked institutions because they believe that the path geared towards higher education is not for all. Their founders previously co-founded the Thiel Fellowship and selected grantees such as Dylan Field of Figma, Ritesh Agarwal of OYO, Vitalik Buterin of Ethereum, and Austin Russell of Luminar. They motivate people to work on what they’re passionate about, to learn by doing, and to create new technologies.

Explore Featured Startups

Candidates have a simple way to find and apply for roles with the firm’s portfolio companies. Explore opportunities with startups like:

  • Luminar Technologies (Nasdaq: LAZR) is a global automotive technology company ushering in a new era of vehicle safety and autonomy. 
  • Fountain’s all-in-one high volume hiring platform empowers the world’s leading enterprises to find the right people through smart, fast, and seamless recruiting.
  • Ephemeral Tattoo creates a world of limitless self-expression, where every body is a canvas, with made-to-fade tattoos that last a year.
  • nTopology is a dedicated group of engineers, dead set on building the next generation of design software.
  • Deepgram is the only true end-to-end Deep Learning ASR offering real-time transcription, built to scale. 
  • Atom Computing builds scalable quantum computers with atomic arrays of optically-trapped neutral atoms, empowering researchers and companies to achieve unprecedented breakthroughs.

Find and Apply for the Right Opportunity

Candidates can easily, yet granularly search to find roles and companies that meet specific criteria, like:

More About 1517 Fund’s Job Board

1517 Fund’s new job platform automatically includes and updates open positions from its startups websites or any other job posting site they might use. Additionally, the portfolio companies can use the firm’s network to promote their open positions, helping them to hire more rapidly and allowing the firm to provide greater value to their investments.

Unlike most job sites and platforms, Consider’s boards are created with the job seeker’s experience in mind. Its simple user interface makes it easy to find open opportunities that align with candidate preferences. Moreover, potential candidates can apply without any intermediaries.

If you’re interested in learning more about Consider’s VC job boards, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with us here.

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